Christmas Is Coming: All I Want for Christmas

Is Good Credit and Positive Cash Flow

"A perfect gift for the holiday season—and unlike so many others,  this gift will actually save you money!"



The holiday season is a time of great joy, but the January debt mountain is a problem that many of us face year after year. Charge It 2 My Head Publishing just released Christmas is Coming: All I Want For Christmas Is Good Credit and Positive Cash Flow which gives a 360-degree view of your credit score and how to improve it, plus indispensable tips for improving your cash flow at any life stage.


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Darryll D. Harmon delivers the benefits of his years of real-world experience to help folks get their home finances in order, starting with understanding credit scores and how they impact our lives, right through to practical tips on improving cash flow and budgeting for your household. Harmon’s advice is accessible to all, providing the financial education that most people graduating the school system have never received. Living beyond our means and using credit to top up our incomes has become second nature. It is time to ‘do the math’—this book can help those just starting out on their adult lives to make sure they are not storing up problems for later, while those who are already in trouble can begin to take small, practical steps to work their way back to financial health.

"A good credit score and financial health is not just for Christmas—it’s for life!"

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What’s inside?

  • Learn the things that impact your credit in a negative way and how to avoid them

  • The fastest and most effective ways to increase your credit score

  • How to make large purchase easy, like a house or a car

  • How to budget as a single household or as a couple

  • Make sure you’re not running or have already ran out of money and what to do if you have

  • How to increase your cash flow in the most simplified ways